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Changes to the Building Regulations 2018 became active on 21 December 2018, as well as an amendment to the associated ‘Approved Document B’. These updates bring into force considerable restrictions on the use of combustible materials within external walls of ‘relevant buildings’ in England.

Whilst the intent of the amendment to the regulations is clear; these pages have been created to outline Premier Guarantee’s views and understanding of the Building (Amendment) Regulations 2018 related to specific wall constructions, details and elements. We cannot guarantee that other companies or organisation’s views will align with ours.

The guide gives our interpretation on areas which require clarification such as:

  • Elements
  • Systems
  • Materials & components
  • Remediation & change of use


Who is this for?

Developed for architects, consultants, developers, building surveyors and builders of residential buildings over 18.0m, it is a useful reference tool that can be used during the design, procurement and site checking phases.