Building regulations are changing.

Are you ready?

Building regulations covered by Approved Documents F, L, O, and S (FLOS) are changing from June 2022, marking the beginning of a fundamental shift in how we build new homes.

Significant updates to Parts F (ventilation), L (energy), O (overheating) and S (EV charging) will mostly apply on a plot-by-plot rather than site-by-site basis.

And with energy use high on the news agenda, your customers are more concerned than ever as to what your new homes will cost to run.

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Learn more about the changes in our upcoming series of webinars, brought to you by our regulatory experts. In the series we will cover:

  • Transitional arrangements and the reasons for the changes
  • The guidance in detail and changes from the previous version of the regulations
  • Any exemptions that may apply
  • Methods of compliance with the new regulations
  • Commissioning, reporting and evidence gathering requirements where relevant