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Welcome to InSite Invites – a brand new podcast dedicated to keeping you informed, engaged and up-to-date on the key issues our industry faces.

In this three-part series, we will hear from a range of experts as we discuss the Building Safety Act, its scope and just how it will affect you.

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There are a lot of new responsibilities, legal responsibilities with criminal liability and I think that the picture is probably
a lot less clear as to how many of those people and organisations really understand their responsibilities
under the Act. So it's really important that we get that message out there

-    Peter Dawber, Interim Industry Competence Committee, Solvere 

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“We heard from Colin Blatchford-Brown at the InSite event,

  you know the regulator has powers and the regulator will be using those powers.” 


 -    Sean Garbutt, Senior Associate, Gowling WLG 


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