Rainscreen Cladding: Warranty Standards and Guidance Webinar

Developed by our Major Projects team, this webinar offers advice and guidance on achieving warranty compliance when using Rain Screen Cladding.






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What you will learn:

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Types of rainscreen systems approved for Structural warranty

Warranty requirements and guidance for rainscreen installation

Thermal bridging considerations


Requirements, construction and issues of insulated render systems


Ben Smallwood BSc (Hons) C Build E MCABE CSSW MCIOB

Major Projects Manager, Premier Guarantee

Ben is an experienced, Chartered Building Engineer and a qualified Building Surveyor who partners with some of largest and renowned Construction Companies in the UK to help them navigate and solve regulation based construction problems for high value schemes.

After working on a number of internationally recognised and complex buildings, Ben is dedicated to supporting project teams achieve their design aims and helping generate options to help solve even the most complicated technical issues.

As well as the creation of new internal and external technical standards on topics such as Blue Roofs and Podium Decks, Ben has built a reputation around assisting clients to develop their schemes in a changing regulatory environment and embracing innovative approaches and new materials, creating links with Universities across the UK.

Ben is also a CSSW qualified waterproofing specialist and has a keen interest in waterproofing envelope design which extends to basement waterproofing design.